Vitthala Temple is one of the most magnificent places in Hampi. The Vitthala temple most probably dates to the reign of Devaraya – 2. The front portion of this temple , Phalpuja Mantap and the Kalyanmantap, were built by Krishnadeva Raya in 1513 after his expedition. The temple was in active worship till the fall of the Vijaynagar empire. It also houses the famous Hampi musical pillars and Stone Chariot

Vithala Temple Hampi
Vithala Temple Hampi

This temple is constructed on a polyhedron foundation. All along the enclosure walls on the interior side are pillared colonnades. The main temple was dedicated to Vishnu as Vitthala. The monolithic pillars have been subtly sculpted. There are figures of angels, lotus, swans , yoga postures and horses etched nicely.

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