The Royal enclosure is the largest extant enclosure. Occupying an area of 59,000 square metres and protected by lofty double walls, it housed as many as 45 buildings including the Mahanavami Dibba , King’s audience hall and the public bath.

Royal Enclosure
Royal Enclosure

The public bath , located at the south-eastern corner is the largest tank in enclosure and was used by women. Just north of the stepped bath , a unique stepped tank has been unearthed. Made of well-dressed schist blocks, square on plan, this tank has five landings , each connected by ornamental steps.

The Royal enclosure was definetly not built by a single ruler or dynasty and evidence suggests three phases of structural activity. Since many additions and alterations were made in existing structures , it is impossible to exactly date the three phases.

Other Attractions in The Royal Citadel

Queen’s Bath
Mahanavami Dibba
King’s Audience Hall
Hazara Rama Temple
Zenana Enclosure
Lotus Mahal
Elephant’s Stables
Guard’s Quarters