It is the biggest idol in Hampi. Its height is 22 feet. This was carved by a brahmin during Krishnadeva Raya’s regime. Behind the head there is a serpent with its hood open.Originally there was a figure of Lakshmi seated on Narasimha’s left thigh. The image was one of the last additions by Krishnadeva Raya to Vijayanagar.

Narsimha Statue Hampi
Narsimha Statue Hampi

Despite its mammoth size, it has been carefully carved and finely finished. Note the remnant of Lakshmi’s arm that was originally placed around Narasimha’s waist. Only the shapely hand remains intact. The ravages of time had left the statue badly mutiliated , but conversation efforts by ASI has helped it become one of the most striking monuments in Hampi.

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