Built by King Krishnadeva Raya in memory of his Orissa conquest , Mahanavami Dibba  is a huge platform 80 sq ft in area and 22ft in height. It was the hub of religious ceremonies that were publicly celebrated by the Vijayanagar kings. It is popularly known as the throne platform or the house of victory. It was built in three phases.

Mahanavami Dibba
Mahanavami Dibba

The carvings here are just like those found in Hazara Rama temple. Mythological pictures , Hunting scenes, Holi and other festivals Scenes ,dance postures are common here. There is also a secret underground cellar inside which state secrets were discussed.

Other Attractions in The Royal Citadel

Queen’s Bath
Royal Enclosure
King’s Audience Hall
Hazara Rama Temple
Zenana Enclosure
Lotus Mahal
Elephant’s Stables
Guard’s Quarters