ATM Hampi

There is only one Canara Bank / ATM in Hampi. It changes travellers cheques and gives cash advances on credit cards. The other money exchangers in Hampi offer slightly worse rates. The location of the ATM / Bank is right in the middle of the Hampi Bazaar. See its location on hampi map indicated by $

Best Time 

The “On Season” time of Hampi is November – February when there is a large inflow of foreigner tourists from Goa. However, the best time to visit Hampi would be in the months of July – September when the weather is rainy and the city is not crowded. Most of the restaurants and guest houses shut operations in “Off Season” , so enquire before you leave.

Hampi Temperature

Hampi’s weather is generally warm and dry. During the summer season (March to May) the temperature reaches a maximum of 40°C. Monsoon (June to August) brings some wet weather with good showers. The winter weather in Hampi is from November to February, during which the climate is very pleasant and cool. During winter day temperature is less than 30°C and night temperature can go as low as 12°C.

Hampi Utsava 

Hampi hosts ‘Hampi Utsav’ every year during first week of November.This is one of the biggest attractions for tourists to visit Hampi. Cultural Performances , Lighting of the ruins and the VIPs add to its glory. However this is a very busy period in Hampi. During the festival the last-minute hotel prices also go high. So book well in advance if possible

Information About Hampi
Hampi Utsava 

Internet Cafes 

One can find numerous cyber cafes in and around Hampi The charges are a bit high (Rs 50 per hr)

Stay Safe 

Hampi is a safe place and violent crimes against tourists are unheard of. That said , don’t wander around the ruins after dark or alone, as muggings are not unknown.