Just before the Hampi Main tower, a path to the left takes you to the Hemakuta Hill. This sacred hill is dotted with numerous shrines and mandapas.  From here, You can view a breathtaking panorama of the entire village. People often climb to view the sunrise and the sunset. Moving west through the gateway on the northern slope , one comes upon a group of fine temples that appear to date from about the ninth to the early fourteenth century AD. 

Hemakuta Hill
Hemakuta Hill

Legend says that this is the place where Lord Shiva agreed to marry Pampa, his devotee. On this, it rained gold from heaven. Hema in sanskrit stands for “Gold”. There is one more way to reach here through the twin storey passage near the Ganesha shrines.

Other Attractions in Hampi Bazaar

Hampi Main Tower
Virupaksha Temple
Monolith Nandi