Every stone in Hampi has a story to say . This story is best heard if you give it time and walk around from rock to rock.

The ruins are spread across a wide area so walking isn’t the best option for all the ruins. But it is recommended to visit the Virupaksha Temple , Achyurtaraya Temple and Sule Bazaar on foot and then explore the rest of the places on a bicycle/motorbike..The sightseeing places mentioned in this tour are not connected by motorable roads. The terrain is uneven and walking only is the best option.

***Don’t forget to take the Coracle ride in front of the Kondarama temple.

Hampi Walking Tour
Hampi Walking Tour

1. Start the Tour from Virupaksha Temple 
2. Walk through the Hampi Bazaar to reach the Nandi Statue
3. Climb the stairs and find your way through the boulders to reach a small temple. In front of this temple you would find a beautiful carving of Lord Vishnu.
4. Walk towards the Achyutaraya Temple.
5. Come out of the temple. You would see a large open area with stone hedges on both sides. This is the Sule Bazaar .
6. Keep walking and you would see a Pushkarani  on your left.
7. Proceed towards Varaha Temple.
8. Take right and keep walking. You would see some scattered ruins on top of a small hill. Take the return path.
9. When you reach tback to he Varaha temple, take the straight route. ( One which doesn’t go towards Sule Bazaar).
10. Visit The Kondarama Temple. 
11. Take the Coracle ride. It costs around Rs 300-400. Bargain. 
12. Follow the path and you would reach back to Hampi bazaar.
13. Walk towards Virupaksha Temple. Just before temple, on the left a small path would lead you to Hemakuta Hill. Climb the hill and watch the scattered ruins. This place would offer you a nice panoramic view of Hampi and the sunset.

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