You can stay in Hampi , Virapur Gaddi , Kamalapuram (villages close to Hampi) or Hospet depending on your expectations and budget . Most Tourists prefer to cross the river Tungabhadra, and live on the other side at Virapur Gaddi. The guesthouses here offer good views and good accomodation options as compared to those in Hampi. If you can’t live without A/c , then it is advisable to find good Hotels in Hospet.

Hotels in Hampi (In order of Recommendation)

Hampi Boulders Resort Rs 2800 – 6000
Hampi’s classiest option but a bit expensive.

Hampi Hotels
Hampi Boulders Resort

Guesthouses in Hampi ( In order of Recommendation )

Don’t expect anything fancy. You would find a basic small room with a bed, mosquito net and attached washroom in all the guest houses / homestays. The rates are also very cheap. Most of the guest houses provide double room accomodation with attached wash room for Rs 200-250. During peak season the rent doubles. Advance Reservation is advisable during peak season.

Padma Guest House Rs 300 – Rs 600
Good rooms with lovely view of the Virupaksha Temple

Kiran Guest House Rs 300 – 450
Close to river and Rooms have solar power backup.

Vicky’s Rs 250 – 400
Internet Access and swing on the front porche

Ranjana Guest House Rs 300 – 400
Good position in bazaar and fair rooms on ground floor.

Sudha Guest House ( Tel: 08394-652752) Rs 250

Rama Guest House (Tel: 08394-241962) Rs 300

Gopi Guest House Rs 200
Hampi bus stand area , Compact simple rooms.