Rent a Bike 

The Hampi countryside is beautiful and is best explored by the combination of foot and bike. There are enough markings on the road so that you won’t get lost.

Ride Coracle 

Take the fun-filled coracle ride in front of the Kondarama Temple. The boatman would take you to an isolated mandapa on the opposite shore, would steer under big rocks where you have to lie down completely to pass through them and would show you various temples in the middle of the river. Rs 300-400

Hampi Do’s and Dont’s
Ride Coracle 


When visiting temples or ruins, cover up and don’t show too much skin. No one would stop you but you would be attracting unwanted attention.

No Drugs / Alcohol 

Hampi is a sacred place. You won’t find any restaurant serving liquor or non-veg food. If you want to have non-veg food and liquor , you have to cross the river and go to Virapur Gaddi

Last Ferry at 6:30 Pm 

If you are staying at Virapur Gaddi, please note that the last ferry leaves Hampi at around 6:30 pm in the evening. Be back by then.

Stay Safe 

Hampi is safe for tourists. Foreigner Tourists should register themselves at the police station on arrival. Also avoid wandering around the ruins at night or after dark.