This was built by Hiriya Tirumala during the reign of King Achyutaraya. It was one of the last grand monuments built before the fall of the empire. It is dedicated to Lord Tiruvengalantha , a form of Vishnu. There are two ways to reach here. 

Achyutaraya Temple
Achyutaraya Temple

First one is by climbing the stairs which starts from monolith Nandi. This track is also mentioned in our walking tour. You can also view Hanuman shrine on the way. On your right, if you see above , you would see a steep hill with a temple at the top. This is the famous Matanga hill , the highest point of Hampi, and offers breathtaking aerial views of the ruins. If you don’t see the sunrise or sunset from here your Hampi trip is not complete. The second path is through sule bazaar. 

The temple complex faces north. The outer prakara has a lofty gopura in the north , while the inner one has three gopuras, one each in the east , west and the north. The inner courtyard contains a shrine to the god and goddess.

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